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Excitement is in the air at Walmart locations across Greater Victoria!

On June 16th, Hillside Centre celebrated the grand opening of its brand new Walmart location

On the same day, across town, employees of Walmart’s Uptown location were also celebrating, as one of their very own officially became a Canadian citizen. 

Paul Tungsiriratana, Co-Manager at the Victoria Supercentre at Uptown Mall, moved to Canada in 2012 after living in both Thailand and New Zealand to pursue his education. 

Upon arrival, he began working part-time at Walmart.

Now, 10 years later, he will be celebrating his first Canada Day as a Canadian citizen!

“It’s my first year celebrating Canada Day as a Canadian,” Paul said.

“I’ve lived in many places in my life, but Canada is special. It’s a country of immigrants. I’m one of those people.”

Paul took his oath of citizenship in the managers office of the Uptown Walmart location and was greeted by his entire Walmart family, eager to celebrate the momentous occasion with him. 

“I remember Paul coming to join us for a part-time role 10 years ago,” Store Manager Brad Bester said. 

“It wasn’t long after that he caught our eye as someone with great potential and he proved us all right.”

Members of the Walmart Canada Leadership Team were also there to celebrate!

“It turned out to be a very memorable moment,” Paul said. 

“It’s not every day that you get to celebrate with the Chief Operating Officer of Walmart Canada.”

Upon arriving home, Paul’s fiancée surprised him with a homemade poutine, red velvet cookies and the whole house decorated in Canadian flags.

“I got a little emotional. I didn’t realize how impactful citizenship would be for me,” Paul said. 

“I’ve lived in Canada for years. It has felt like a home for a long time. Now it’s official.”

(Walmart Canada)
(Walmart Canada)
(Walmart Canada)

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