Tuesday, May 21, 2024

McDonald’s is scrapping the free drink stickers on coffee cups across Canada


It’s time to start cashing in those McCafe freebies!

McDonald’s is officially ending their “free drink” program with stickers on coffee cups.

The fast-food giant said they will stop handing out their loyalty sticker cards as of August 2022, however, if you have full reward cards, you have until December 31st, 2023 to use them up.

In order to get those free drinks, collectors would need seven stickers to get a coffee, tea, hot chocolate or whatever eligible hot drink your heart desires for free.

It’s expected McDonald’s will begin to fully transition the loyalty program over their app.

These completed coffee cards can be redeemed at the front counter or drive-thru at McDonald’s locations at the time of order.

They can’t be used at kiosks, curbside service, or with mobile or delivery orders.

McCafé rewards cards and rewards stickers cannot be transferred to the app, and have no cash value.

McDonald’s released its app-based loyalty program in Canada in November 2021, which lets customers rack up points with each purchase.

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