(Nanaimo Fire Rescue/Twitter)

With a hose and some blankets, Nanaimo firefighters got creative and were able to rescue an older dog that could have drowned.

Crews from Nanaimo Fire Rescue were called at around 10:30 a.m. on Friday to Labieux Road and Oriole Drive after an older dog had entered a drainage system and was in distress.

Dobby, a 12-year-old beagle had gotten into into a 40-centimetre pipe and could be heard yelping for help.

After lifting several manholes in search of the dog, the eventually located one close enough where the could see the dog with a flashlight.

With the help of Nanaimo Public Works, firefighters got creative and taped a blanket onto the end of a 150-foot fire hose and inserted inserted the hose into the pipe system.

The end was pushed past the pup and then the hose was partially filled with water, which gave the pup something to hang into.

The dog was then slowly pulled from the pipe and reunited with the distraught owners.

It’s not the usual case firefighters trained for, so the crews had to get creative.

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