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While Victoria is in the midst of its current heatwave, it’s nice to look back on cooler seasonal temps.

Our city in particular is well-known for weather that changes on a dime—but have you ever wondered exactly how much it transforms over the course of a year?

Local videographer Rodrigo Inostroza Cortés noticed how dramatically an alley nearby his home changed across the seasons, which is exactly why he decided to pull out his camera and film just that.

Cortés created an incredible time-lapse video showing all four seasons of the year in just one minute.

To get to a nearby grocery store at Hillside Shopping Centre, Cortés started taking the path behind his house and was amazed at how beautifully it was transformed as the seasons changed.

“I kept on noticing how dramatically it changed as time went by, through the different seasons,” Cortés told Victoria Buzz.

“I’m a videographer and started imagining a video where I could walk through the path and capture all of the changes of the path,” he added.

From the little wild flowers on the path to the Garry Oak leaves, everything is constantly transforming and Cortés said he wanted to deliver that experience to the viewer.

He began recording the path between November 2020 and November 2021—generally three to four times a month.

The video was first shared to Reddit, where it received a lot of praise.

Check it out here:

Cortés revealed that he plans to share more similar videos in the future and is looking for suggestions on locations he can film.

Where do you think he should film next? Let us know in the comment section below.

And here’s an even quicker, 18 second version of the timelapse:



With files from Seanna Wainman

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