VicPD Cruiser Downtown

Two drivers were issued significant tickets under the Motor Vehicle Act following a small but loud vehicle protest gathering at the BC Legislature Thursday afternoon.

Just after 12 p.m., on July 14th, VicPD officers responded to calls that a group of vehicles was in the BC Legislature area as part of a protest gathering. 

The group of approximately 20 vehicles were engaging in a ‘slow-roll’ blockage, using vehicle horns, modified air horns and amplified speakers mounted to their vehicles. 

All of this noise had a significant impact on the residents and businesses of James Bay and BC Legislature area. 

A VicPD traffic officer, supported by patrol officers, engaged the operator of each vehicle in the group and issued a warning and reminder about safe, peaceful and lawful protest. 

Soon, the honking and reports of disturbance in the BC Legislature area stopped, with the vehicles associated with the protest leaving the area. 

A short time later, the same VicPD officer was in the 2500-block of Blanshard Street when he observed several of the same vehicles circling the block, honking and using amplified speakers to target nearby businesses. 

The officer began pulling vehicles over and issuing tickets under the Motor Vehicle Act, as they had already been previously de-escalated and given warnings. 

Two drivers were issued significant tickets which will incur both fines and penalty points.

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