Megan and her son Dale reunited with Miri. (BC SPCA)

Just when they had given up hope, a Victoria family was shocked to learn their beloved cat was still alive and well—albeit 100km away from where it went missing.

Miri, a three-and-a-half-year-old cat went missing from her family’s co-op grounds in Victoria.

After months of searching and not hearing anything, the cat’s family, Megan and her son Dale, thought that she was gone forever.

But against all odds, and thanks to a good Samaritan and microchip, the cat and family were reunited.

Shockingly, however, Miri had made a 100 kilometre journey to Nanaimo.

“Miri would always come back in when we called her,” said Megan. “The day she went missing, we called her name over and over again, tried treats and searched the grounds but she was nowhere to be found.”

The family said Miri had never ran away before and are unsure what could have caused her to flee.

“A large deer had visited the co-op grounds that day, so we aren’t sure if that spooked her.”

When they realized Miri was missing, the family put up posters around the neighbourhood and kept hoping she would return.

“After we hadn’t heard anything for a couple of months, I remember thinking about putting away her food, but I thought no, not just yet and then I got a phone call from the Nanaimo BC SPCA.”

According to BC SPCA, a good Samaritan brought Miri to a veterinarian because she was injured.

“She had somehow got her collar caught around her head and front leg causing a wound from the embedded collar.”

After her wound had been treated, she was sent to the Nanaimo BC SPCA.

When the “stray” arrived at the Nanaimo shelter, they scanned her for a chip and were able to pull up the contact information.

Megan said she immediately called her employer, and told them she needed to take a vacation day to go pick up Miri.

The next day, she headed up to Nanaimo the following day with her youngest son, Dean, who was devastated when Miri went missing.

No one knows how she got from Victoria to Nanaimo.

“We were a little shocked when we first saw her, because she was so skinny,” said Megan.

“As soon as she saw us, she came right over.”

It’s been two months since the family and cat were reunited and according to Megan, Miri no longer asks to go outside.

“She is definitely a little spicier than she used to be,” says Megan. “She always loved to play attack, but she would never use her claws or teeth, just grab with soft paws, now she smacks a little harder and will touch you with her teeth. She also purrs more often and louder now.”

Megan adds she also doesn’t take any guff from Frank, their dog. “She stands her ground,” she says.

“We are so thankful to the good Samaritan who brought Miri to the veterinarian and the fact that we registered Miri,” said Megan.

“Without it we would never have been reunited.”

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