Sunday, February 25, 2024

23 impaired drivers were removed from Lake Cowichan roads over the August long weekend


In a release by RCMP Monday, they revealed they removed 23 impaired drivers from Lake Cowichan roads over the long weekend.

In response to heavier than normal traffic volume in Lake Cowichan over the August long weekend, BC Highway Patrol worked with Lake Cowichan Detachment to deploy resources to target high risk driving offenses, including excessive speed and impaired driving.

As a result, 23 impaired drivers were removed from the road and six drivers were ticketed for excessive speed. 

A total of 111 tickets were issued and 21 vehicles towed over the long weekend. 

The minimum fine for excessive speed is $368 and 3 points plus towing and impound fees. 

Impaired drivers face immediate driving prohibitions ranging from 24 hours to 90 days, plus towing and impound fees.

“While I am concerned about the number of people found driving impaired over the weekend, I was also very impressed by the large number of people who came through our road checks using designated drivers or shuttle services to ensure they got home safely,” said Sergeant Adam Tallboy, Acting Commander of BCHP Vancouver Island.

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