Friday, May 17, 2024

Heat warning ends despite temperatures forecasted to reach 29°C in Victoria


The heat warning in Victoria may have been lifted, but that doesn’t mean we’re saying goodbye to the warm weather anytime soon!

Last week, Environment Canada issued a special heat warning weather statement for much of BC, including Greater Victoria, east Vancouver Island and inland Vancouver Island.

In the announcement, the weather agency said a heatwave would impact the province throughout the week and weekend thanks to a strong ridge of high pressure with temperatures being the hottest in the late afternoon and early evening and the coolest near sunrise.

On July 28th, an updated weather statement announced the heat warning was extended until Sunday, July 31st. 

Although the extreme heat warning is no longer in effect, the warm weather will continue this week!

Temperatures remain in the low 20°C range until they begin to climb later in the week. On Friday, temperatures will reach 23°C, before climbing to 26°C on Saturday and 27°C and Sunday.

Last week’s extreme heat not only broke temperature records, it also resulted in municipalities opening up cooling centres, misting stations and outlining locations of fountains to help residents keep comfortable. 

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The misting stations can be found using this interactive map online and fountains can be found here.

For resources on heat-related illnesses, you can check out HealthLink BC or call them at 8-1-1.

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