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UPDATE: Police have now provided a photo of the suspect in the Super Save Gas and Go fires, located at the intersection of Bowen Road and Northfield Road.

That fire was reported at approximately 12:15 AM and involved the contents of a dumpster being set on fire.

The suspect shown in the attached photo is wearing a hoody pulled up, black pants and is carrying a gas can.

The individual described previously is no longer considered a person of interest.

— original:

A Nanaimo Tim Hortons restaurant will be closed for at least six months following an early morning arson Tuesday.

At approximately 1 a.m., on August 2nd, a fire was reported at a Tim Hortons located near the intersection of Northfield Road and the Nanaimo Parkway.  

Several witnesses saw the blaze spreading and called 911. 

Fire crews responded to the scene within minutes and managed to contain the spread of the fire to the exterior of the building. Unfortunately, the interior sustained significant water damage.

According to officials, it appears the fire started near the front doors and then spread along the wooden beams to the top of the building.

Police are following up on reports of several other suspicious fires that were reported near other businesses located nearby.

At approximately 12:15 a.m. the same day, a fire was reported in a dumpster situated behind the Super Save Gas and Go, located at the intersection of Northfield Road and Bowen Road.

A third, small fire was also reported, set inside a garbage can near the carwash, located in the same complex as the Tim Hortons. 

Witnesses to the Tim Hortons fire told investigators an individual was seen nearby at the time of the blaze. 

This person was described as being a Caucasian man, standing 5’10” tall with a scruffy beard. According to witnesses, the individual was wearing a black shirt and white patterned shorts. 

“These fires are most likely related and started by the same individual or persons,” said Constable Gary O’Brien.

“With that in mind, investigators are asking if anyone saw a vehicle or anyone acting suspicious in the immediate area, from 11 PM on Monday August 1st to 1 AM on Tuesday August 2nd , to please report it.”

To report information, please call the Nanaimo RCMP non-emergency line at 250-754-2345.

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