Tuesday, April 23, 2024

There’s a brand new ‘Friends’ themed Airbnb in downtown Victoria (PHOTOS)


There’s a brand new themed Airbnb Downtown Victoria, and it is sure to have fans excited!

‘The One with the Purple Apartment’, a Friends themed Airbnb, has just launched, and the interior is right out of the 90s sitcom. 

The 350 square feet condo is painted the signature Friends purple, stocked up with signature memorabilia such as a Central Perk sign, umbrellas and even a ‘Pivot!’ painting hanging on the wall.

The condo includes a loft bedroom, a pull out couch, high ceilings, large windows and a skylight. 

This is not the first themed Airbnb that has launched in the city. In 2020, a Harry Potter ‘Common Room’ rental opened in downtown Victoria.

Ready to book and enter the world of ‘Friends’?

Prices vary per night, with weekend pricing up to $265 per night (not including a cleaning fee, service fee and taxes), and weekday prices as low as $175 per night. 

‘The One with the Purple Apartment’ Airbnb has just launched, which means there are no reviews yet.

Why not be the first?

You can check out the themed Airbnb and book here!

Check out some photos of the space below: 


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