Wednesday, June 12, 2024

There’s a new website where Victorians can share their confessions anonymously


Are you ready to spill the beans?

We all have those secrets – those skeletons in our closets – the ones we push deep down inside, hiding in the very back corners of our mind, that we don’t tell a single living soul.

But what if you were able to share those secrets with the world – completely anonymously – and get those things off of your chest?

Thanks to new website Victoria Confessions and its partnering Facebook page, that could be a reality.

Designed to allow Victorians to fess up without consequence, Victoria Confessions is a safe place to go when you feel secrets weighing on your mind, or even just have to share your opinion of something, without your name attached to it – with zero fear of judgement from anyone.

The owner of Victoria Confessions, who (surprisingly) would like to remain anonymous, tells Victoria Buzz, “I created the website because I wanted the people of Victoria to have a place to go to get things off of their chest, anonymously; we all have those dirty little secrets or opinions we wish we could share with the world.”

You can post your confessions to the website alone, as well as the Facebook page – you can also browse and comment on other people’s confessions, search and even sort them from everything to newest to ‘most dislikes’.

So, what are you waiting for? Time to fess up!

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