Friday, June 14, 2024

Vancouver Island tourist catches Cadillac speeding, swerving and driving recklessly on dashcam (VIDEO)


A tourist visiting Vancouver Island crossed paths with a dangerous driver this week, posting their dashcam footage to YouTube.

In the video, a Cadillac ATS is seen speeding up behind the driver near the intersection of 

Sooke Road and University Drive, swerving to the right toward the edge of the road in an attempt to overtake the vehicle. 

When they realize they can’t make it around, the driver of the Cadillac swerves into the left lane, around the vehicle and cuts them off before taking the exit.

The poster of the video, a visitor to BC from Washington state, said they spent four days but this was the only bad driver they came across. 

“Obviously there’s a mismatch between MPH/KPH,” the poster wrote. 

“But dude must’ve been doing 60+MPH on what’s essentially a 30MPH road.”

You can see the video below:

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