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7 spots in Victoria to get new boots that’ll complete your fall wardrobe


It’s about time to tuck away your Birkenstocks, Yeezys or maybe your white New Balance 623s. 

With those back in storage until next spring, you’ll need some new boots to replace those crusty kicks from last year. 

Because, are you even a Victorian if you don’t have a fresh pair of Blundstones?

Here’s a list of some of the best boot peddlers and cobblers in town:


Duh, it’s kind of the spot for footwear all year round. They specialize in Converse, Vans and of course, Dr. Martens

Where: 580 Johnson Street

Merchant Quarters General Store

Their ‘Blacksmith Shoes’ has every kind of boot you could dream of and they’re all quality. Whether you want some Betsey Johnson Divas covered in rhinestones or a winter version of your summer Birks you love so much—they’ve got you. 

  • Where: 801 Government Street

Head Over Heels

Locally owned and operated, they conceptualized the store as a contemporary gallery where the shoes and accessories are presented as pieces of art. If you’ve never been you’ve got to check it out. Boots galore in there.

Where: 1323 Blanshard Street

John Fluevog 

Oh you fancy, huh? Well these boots are not to be worn on your next hike in Sooke. These are meant for when you need to dress to impress! 

Where: 566 Johnson Street

Cobbler Victoria

If you need that Blundstone fix because yours are broken and busted, not grippy anymore or just worn right out, this is the spot to hit up! Also a great spot to get your next set of inside shoes. If you’ve never tried Glerups you are blowing it at living your comfiest life. 

Where: 718 View Street

Still Life

Not specifically a shoe store… But they do have some nice boot options! Plus you can shop around for more cozy fall apparel while you’re there! That’s never, ever a bad thing.

Where: 560 Johnson Street


They’ve got a little bit of everything you could ever want in a shoe store. Boots, sandals for that getaway you’re planning for winter, slippers or literally anything. They’ve always got great sales and great staff who know a lot about boots and shoes.

Where: 805 Cloverdale Avenue

Curtis Blandy

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