(Vancouver Police/twitter)

An Amber Alert that was issued late Monday night has ended safely after .

Shortly after 11 p.m. September 19th, Vancouver Police issued an amber alert for a missing 3-year old—in addition, an emergency alert was released to cellular devices across the province. 

According to police, the child, Phaivanh Correia-Chanthabouala, was taken by his mother, Jenny Chanthabouala. 

Investigators say Phaivanh was taken from BC Children’s Hospital where he was receiving treatment when he was abducted by his mother 11 hours before the amber alert was issued. 

The amber alert has since been resolved as Phaivanh was found with his mother near Calgary by RCMP officers early this morning.

Vancouver Police said his mother was arrested and is in custody of RCMP officers in Alberta.

Phaivanh is receiving care.

According to Vancouver Police the investigation is ongoing.

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