British Columbia has been ranked the favourite province by Canadians, when asked to choose another province besides their own.

According to a study by Leger, a marketing firm, BC has been ranked as the favourite province/territory of Canadians. 

The survey was completed by 1516 Canadian residents, aged 18 and older from August 19th to 21st.

The survey asked respondents a series of questions, which determined which of the provinces, other than respondent’s own, are their favourite. 

As a result, BC topped the list as the country’s favourite province.

BC took 30% of the votes, followed by Alberta with 12% and Nova Scotia with 10%. 

According to the survey, Atlantic Canadians are least likely to select BC as their favourite province (12%). Alberta was the most likely to select BC as their favourite province (67%).

When it came to specific reasons respondents would consider when determining their favourite province, over half of Canadians cited landscapes as a major factor. 

The nature and wildlife of a province came second (42%). 

BC won second place for geography and landscapes (65%) after Newfoundland and first in nature and wildlife (60%). 

As for Canadian’s least favourite province? Quebec topped the list. 

You can see the full report here.