Monday, June 17, 2024

Camosun College students brighten up campus crosswalks with Pride (PHOTOS)


Camosun College has given a crosswalk at each campus a burst of colour, reflecting the Progress Pride flag. 

The crosswalks, a visual show of support for Pride, was created in consultation with the Camosun College Student Society (CCSS). 

The design consists of six colour ribbons and five colour chevrons painted on the crosswalk surface. 

Based on the iconic rainbow flag, the design celebrates diversity and a more inclusive society.

“The inclusive crosswalks are a demonstration of our commitment to a campus where everyone feels like they belong,” says Dr. Lane Trotter, college president. 

“Camosun is continuing its work on building a more equitable, diverse and inclusive community, and the painting of a crosswalk serves as a constant and visible reminder that all are welcome.”

The crosswalk at Interurban is between the Alex & Jo Campbell Centre for Health and Wellness and the Centre for Business and Access. The crosswalk at Lansdowne is in the P3 short-term parking lot off Foul Bay Road near the fountain. 

“The Student Society at Camosun continues to build on the vision of a community that is open, responsive, and respects the rights, differences, and dignity of all people,” said Jessie Naadei Niikoi, CCSS, External Executive. 

“Pride is more than just a single month as work to promote, educate and drive awareness about equity for all sexual and gender diverse people is something that needs to happen throughout the year.”

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