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Construction is now underway on Kimta Road for the newest E&N trail cycling connector. 

Once completed, the City of Victoria says cyclists of all ages and abilities will be able to enjoy a continuous bicycle ride from the E&N trail, a route on Kimta Road parallel to the Songhees Walkway and onto the Galloping Goose or into downtown.

According to Rob Fleming, BC’s Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, funding was made available for this project through the 2021/2022 Active Transportation Infrastructure Grants Program. 

“The Province continues to invest in active transportation infrastructure as part of our commitment to our CleanBC climate plan, and to help more people access safe and affordable transportation options,” Fleming said today in a media release. 

“This project will improve pedestrian and cyclist safety, and add continuity to a regional transportation route, which will help more people in the Capital Region choose active travel.”

City of Victoria

The project will see the intersection of the E&N Trail and Esquimalt Road get updated bicycle and pedestrian crossings. Currently this intersection requires cyclists to dismount and is unclear about how to get back onto the bike lanes in a safe and responsible way. 

The route will then see a new multi-use pathway parallel to Esquimalt Road up until Catherine Street where there will be a new pedestrian and bicycle crossing. 

Kimta Road will get new protected bike lanes along the north side of the street with a protected crosswalk for pedestrians to cross at the Kimta Road, Saghalie Road intersection.

And finally, there will be an upgraded multi-use path that allows cyclists to access the Galloping Goose and downtown core after the Tyee Road and Kimta Road intersection. 

This pathway will also receive new lighting and an upgraded pedestrian/cyclist crossing. 

The project is expected to be completed in six months.

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