Thursday, February 22, 2024

Domino’s is offering 50% off all pizzas this week across Vancouver Island


Want to get half off your pizza this week?

Save some of your hard earned dough by ordering a pizza pie!

From September 12th to September 18th all pizzas are half off at Dominoes. 

This deal will remind you of the good ol’ days when you still had a “uni” discount for being a poor student without the being poor part. 

It’s as easy as picking your pie or designing your own pizza though their website and the 50% off will be applied automatically.

Delivery and take-away pizzas are all eligible for the discount however the 50% off does not apply to additional charges such as a delivery fee. 

Some restrictions apply including but not limited to–there is a limit of one coupon per order and menu prices may vary depending on location. 

This deal applies to any pizza you order regardless of size, type, or toppings so feel free to splurge!

We think we all deserve a pizza party right now!

Domino’s 50% pizza

When: September 13th to September 18th

Where: Domino’s Canada

Curtis Blandy

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