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Here are the candidates running for Saanich’s mayor and council this election


The window of opportunity for candidate nomination is now over and the election is coming up which means it is time to get to know your candidates for Saanich’s next Mayor and City Councillors.

There are two candidates running for the position of mayor and 24 candidates running for council. Many are running for reelection and many of them are fresh faced and full of ideas on how to improve their Saanich.

The election on October 15th will also see two new school board trustees of which there are only three candidates running. 

With a population of over 200,000–the District of Saanich is the largest municipality in Greater Victoria. 

Here are the mayoral candidates:

  • Fred Haynes: is the active mayor who is running for re-election. His priorities are housing, climate and environment, safety and economic resilience.
  • Dean Murdoch: Wants to create affordable homes, build accessible, walkable neighbourhoods, strengthen the local economy, protect against climate change and restore trust in decision making.

Here are the city council candidates:

  • Trevor Barry: Wants to focus on five core priorities–right-sizing density planning, climate action leadership, supporting small businesses, creating safe and healthy communities and moving Saanich online. 
  • Susan Brice: Has been a council member since 2005 and is seeking re-election. Some of her focuses are housing for all, diversifying and building the economy, accessible transportation and preservation of natural areas.
  • Judy Brownoff: A council member since 1993 and running for re-election. She says she wants to focus on addressing climate change, making housing affordability a priority, mobility safety and accessibility, preservation of parks and green spaces and protecting and increasing our tree canopy.
  • Kathleen Burton
  • Nathalie Chambers: A member of the Saanich city council since 2018 and running for re-election. 
  • Bianca Chu
  • Zac de Vries: Elected to city council in 2018, Zac is seeking re-election. He wants to tackle ​​climate, housing, public health, equity, and infrastructure costs as city councillor. 
  • Karen Harper: Elected in 2017 to the Saanich city council, she is running for re-election. Her priorities are housing, budget, environmental stewardship.
  • Sasha Izard: Some notable platform issues for Sasha are stopping overdevelopment and over-growth, housing affordability, making healthcare a priority and taking Indigenous relations seriously.
  • J. Charles Lamb
  • Basil Langevin: Has been the Executive Director of an LGBT non-profit for the last eight years. He claims to be an advocate for safer streets, a champion for equality and a life-long learner in making cities better. 
  • Mark Leiren-Young: Wants to find solutions to affordable housing, improve community engagement, strengthen the arts & culture sector of Saanich and create better solutions to Saanich’s infrastructure.
  • Vernon Lord: Wants to tackle issues involving housing, preserving parks, making the district more accessible, safer roads and empowering local businesses.
  • Jordan MacDougall: Has a four-point platform that involves making Saanich affordable, creating sustainable infrastructure, decolonization and fiscal responsibility and transparency.  
  • Gregory Matte: Is running on a platform of responsiveness, efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Leslie Miller-Brooks
  • Shelly Minhas
  • Mark Neufeld: Says he wants to engage and empower youth, implement sensible collaborative policies, advocate for affordable housing and build a lasting community and ecosystem.
  • Teale Phelps Bondaroff: Is running on a platform of affordable housing for everyone, sustainable communities, inclusive governance and safe and accessible streets. 
  • Colin Plant: Was elected to Saanich city council in 2014, served as Chair of the Capital Regional District Board the past four years and is running on a platform of housing affordability, road safety and the environment.
  • Art Pollard: Claims to want to develop opportunities to create a central business district, work toward liveable, walkable neighbourhoods, encourage backyard and community gardens for food sustainability and Increase opportunities for student housing and rental housing to name a few. 
  • Jordan Reichert: Wants to improve housing, affordability, transportation, environment, community, and safety. 
  • Rishi Sharma: Believes it’s time to focus on economic development in Saanich to generate more revenue for services and supports for residents without having to continue to raise taxes and fees.
  • Mena Westhaver: Claims to be an advocate for safe transportation, improved parks and trails, housing density to increase affordability and for low income citizens to provide more opportunities for inclusion.

This article is subject to change as more information on candidates becomes available. Any additional information regarding the candidates for the positions of Mayor or City Councillor in Saanich can be sent to with the subject line saying “Election Information.”

Curtis Blandy

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