Friday, April 19, 2024

Here’s how you can get your pet on a beer label and support BC SPCA


Is your dog the cutest pup you know? 

If so, you could get that pup on a can of beer from Yellow Dog Brewing, and it’s all for a good cause, the BC SPCA.

Even though the fundraiser is being done by Yellow Dog Brewing, they don’t discriminate against other pets. If you’ve got a cat, a chameleon or a horse you want them to slap on the label of their limited beer, you can enter them into the contest too. 

There is one small caveat however, along with submitting a photo of your pet, you also have to raise $100, then you’ll be entered into the contest where your furry or scaly pal will be featured on the beer label of a special limited release 4-pack from Yellow Dog Brewing.

Or, if you are one of the top three fundraisers, you’ll guarantee your pet’s place. 

Here is the current leaderboard. If you think your animal is cuter than the leaders so far, you best get fundraising!


This is the first year that Yellow Dog Brewing is putting on this fundraiser for the BC SPCA and already animal lovers have raised over $90,000 to help save animals in distress.

There is only one week left to enter their contest, submissions close on September 23rd. 

Good luck to you and your furry friends!

Curtis Blandy

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