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Here’s how you can give your condolences to the late Queen Elizabeth II in Victoria


The country is now in an official period of mourning as Canadians grieve the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. 

She had a long standing relationship with Canadians and specifically the City of Victoria. 

Of all her official royal tours, she visited Greater Victoria the second most outside the nation’s capital in Ottawa. 

“The impact of the reign of Her Majesty cannot be overstated; the passing of this Queen represents the end of an era defined by its longevity and her ceaseless service,” said the Hounorable Janet Austin, Lieutenant Governor in a media release on Thursday. 

“On behalf of all British Columbians, I extend my heartfelt condolences to The Royal Family and to all members of the Commonwealth for the loss of our most beloved Queen,” added Austin. 

Lieutenant Governor Janet Austin also announced that Victorians will be able to give their condolences to the Royal Family in one of three official condolences books. 


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One will be at the Parliament Building, another will be located at the Government House and a third is an online condolences book that BC residents can go to if they cannot get to one of the other two. 

Last night the Legislature had its bright white lights that usually adorn the building turned off and in their place, the entry of the building and the fountain were lit up blue in honour of the late Queen. 

Tonight Victoria’s City Hall will also be lit up blue as buildings and landmarks across the country are honouring her memory in solidarity.

They are choosing royal-blue hues because in her last official portrait for her seventh decade as monarch, Her Majesty wore blue jewelry.

Government buildings will also be flying their flags at half mast for the remainder of the mourning period which will last from now until sunset on the day of the memorial service of Queen Elizabeth II according to the National Flag of Canada half-masting notices.

The date of the funeral is yet to be announced.

Curtis Blandy

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