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Intoxicated boaters on moonlit sailing arrested by Nanaimo RCMP morning


Two intoxicated boaters were arrested early Monday morning after they drew the attention of Nanaimo Mounties off the coast of Saysutshun Island, formerly known as Newcastle Island.

At about 2:30 a.m., on September 5th, a security officer reported seeing a small dinghy being paddled up the channel by two unknown persons. The caller reported they did not see any lights or life jackets being worn. 

The caller was suspicious of the boaters as there had recently been some thefts from boats moored in the area and worried for their safety.

Officers responded and yelled at the two to stop what they were doing and to paddle to shore. 

After a barrage of alcohol fueled responses directed at the officers, the two boaters began a slow and frantic attempt at paddling away.

Police vehicle lights were strategically positioned from the shore to capture the boaters movements and they were easily tracked to a nearby boat where they were seen crawling onboard.

Officers ran the short distance along the dock to where the boat was moored to intercept the boaters. 

The two sailors were found hiding onboard, extremely intoxicated.

They were identified and arrested for causing a disturbance and public intoxication. 

They were transferred to the Nanaimo RCMP detachment where they spent the night sobering up.

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