The man who threatened a BC Transit driver has been caught and it turns out he is wanted on several charges in Ontario. 

Yesterday, VicPD released two photos of a man who threatened a Victoria bus driver and he has since been caught and taken into custody. 


VicPD release photos of knife-wielding suspect who threatened BC Transit driver

On Thursday, August 15th police responded to the intersection of Fort Street and Lee Avenue because a BC transit operator reported a man coming onto the bus and threatening him.

Soon after the man reportedly stood up, pulled out a knife and brandished it toward the bus driver.  The driver notified the man police were on their way and he fled the bus.

The BC Transit driver was not injured in the altercation.

On Friday, the man was identified, found and arrested. 

VicPD said an officer recognized one of the photos released on Thursday. He remembered he had an interaction with the knife-wielding man previously in a park in the 1400-block of Pandora Avenue.

According to VicPD, once they had this information, they went to the 900-block of Pandora and arrested the man there. 

Officers discovered after he had been taken into custody that he was wanted on a bench warrant for a series of convictions in Ontario.

The offences he was wanted for included attempted murder, assault with a weapon, assault, breaking and entering, mischief and weapons possession.

He is now in VicPD cells where he is being held. 

Officers have requested an extension of his bench warrant to remand him to Ontario to face his charges there.

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