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With very little rainfall over the last two months, many parts of BC are dealing with high levels of drought and water scarcity, including areas of Vancouver Island.

In a media statement Thursday, the Ministry of Forests said Vancouver Island, the inner south coast and the northeast corner of the province have reached the second-most severe level of drought on a five-point rating scale.

BC ranks drought levels from 0 to 5, with drought level five rated as the most severe with adverse effects to socio-economic or ecosystem values being almost certain.

The province is asking residents in impacted areas to reduce their water use whenever possible and observe all restrictions put in place by regional or local governments, with the ministry warning of possible water scarcity.

While a water restriction is currently in place for Greater Victoria, it is set to end on Friday, September 30th.

Victori’s September weather is on pace see the second driest on record, even after Wednesday light rainfall throughout the day.

Another ridge of high pressure over southern BC is expected to arrive by Friday meaning there will be more warm and dry days over the weekend and into next week.

“Provincial staff are monitoring the situation and working to balance water use with environmental flow needs,” the ministry statement says.

More information about BC’s drought system can be found online.

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