(Mr. Tube Steak / Facebook)

A local hot dog gem is looking for a new owner and a new place to call home.

Mr. Tube Steak has been an iconic late night snack and shopping companion to downtown Victoria’s Capital Iron for what feels like an eternity.

The former owner and operator of those carts is now retiring and there are two Mr. Tube Steak carts up for sale on Facebook Marketplace for only $5,000 a piece.

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Both stands come with everything you’d need to operate the cart including on-board refrigeration, storage bins and a working sink.

However, the carts do not come with permission to operate where Mr. Tube Steak operated and whoever is lucky enough to get their hands on these carts will not be allowed to operate under the name Mr. Tube Steak.

Currently the listing for the carts is still up on Facebook Marketplace, but that likely won’t be for much longer. Serious inquiries only.

Just keep us in mind if you become the new owner!


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We know this city. You should too. 👊