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This Saanich park is getting a fabulous new mural by a beloved local artist


Beckwith Park in Saanich is getting a new mural!

Sarah Jim, an artist of Coast Salish, Mexican and Russian-Jewish ancestry has been selected to take on the second mural in the District of Saanich’s Community Canvas Mural Project.

The mural is now underway and being painted by Sarah at Beckwith Park near the 4100-block of Quadra Street.

Through her art, she shows the connections between native plant food systems, coastal traditional medicines and their relations with the ecosystem. All through the lens of the W̱SÁNEĆ culture.

Although this new mural will be at Beckwith Park, her art has been a mainstay of Greater Victoria’s mural scene for some time now.

Her newest additions to Victoria’s murals are under the east side of the Johnson Street Bridge, The Community Fridge in the Rock Bay area and the basketball court at Hampton Park.

In the Beckwith Park mural, Sarah wants to bring two nearby ecosystems to life and create awareness to their protection for future generations—the wetland and camas meadows.

“Expression motivates me to create art, I feel as though it’s my responsibility to tell stories in a visual way,” said Sarah.

“This not only helps the viewer to understand certain concepts, but it helps me in my own well-being as art is medicine.”

The Beckwith Park mural is to be completed by September 23rd if weather permits.

While Sarah works on her project, Claire Crawford, another artist chosen for the project, is working on her project at the Cedar Hill Recreation and Arts Centre.

The third and final art installation for the District of Saanich’s Community Canvas Mural Project will be Layritz Park and is expected to be completed in mid-October.

Curtis Blandy

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