National Day for Truth and Reconciliation is just around the corner, and UVic has a new podcast that will bring to light some stories and history of Indigenous First Nations of Vancouver Island and across Canada.

The University of Victoria Libraries has created an eight part mini-series in podcast form called Taapwaywin: Talking about what we know and what we believe

Taapwaywin means truth or speaking truthfully in Michif, an Indigenous dialect used mostly by the Métis people of Canada.

The series was created by its host, Ry Moran, associate university librarian in reconciliation at UVic and founding director of the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation.

Taapwaywin features intimate conversations with residential school survivors, elders, knowledge keepers and other indigenous perspectives on seeking truth before beginning the journey of reconciliation.

“Canadians still have many questions about what has happened in this country,” said Moran in a media release.

“They also have been called upon to learn more. This podcast is an effort to dig deeper, fill in some of the gaps and place particular emphasis on the voices of Indigenous Peoples.” 


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This local series will not only explore questions of creation, dissemination and cultural preservation, it will focus on the consequences of colonial worldviews and what could have been if other forms of political ,social and economic discourse were utilized in our country. 

“It is an effort to help share the knowledge and wisdom that exists both with Indigenous communities and within scholarly communities – in recognition of the fact that we need as many good ideas circulating as possible given the scope and scale of some of the challenges collectively faced.”

Moran hopes to open listeners’ minds and hearts to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s calls to action

He, along with the podcast’s contributors believe it will help to create a community of engaged and informed Canadians. 

The podcast can be found on Spotify or their Taapwaywin’s website

Taapwaywin is also being broadcasted from UVic’s community radio station, CFUV