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Talk about a sticky situation.

A Vancouver Island man has been banned from being in possession of adhesives outside of his home after he glued himself to a Royal Bank of Canada door as part of a protest.

Victor Lawrence Brice, a member of the Save Old Growth protest group, pleaded guilty to two charges that were both in relation to protests earlier this year, according to court documents.

According to the documents, the first protest occurred on January 27th, which consisted of blocking a provincial highway, while the other one that took place on April 7th when Brice glued himself to a Royal Bank of Canada door as part of a protest.

“I am not sure if the protestors gluing themselves to the door at the bank is unique or not. It is certainly something I have not heard of, but it would certainly be an effective way of protest or at least causing disruption at the bank,” said Nanaimo Provincial court judge, William Jackson.

“The protest at the highway is not particularly unusual,” said Jackson.

The judge sentenced Brice to 12 months’ probation with several other conditions in addition to being forbidden from possessing glue.

In addition to that, Brice must complete 40 hours of community service. He’s also banned from the Royal Bank he glued himself to in Nanaimo and from blocking traffic on any public roadway.

“You may not possess any glue, superglue, adhesive, fixative, or resin outside of your residence except: with the prior written permission of your parole officer, or such adhesive, adhesive, fixative, or resin that would ordinarily be used by or with children,” said Jackson described the last trial period.

“You must carry the permit, if you have one from the parole board, which may be in electronic form, if you possess any of these items outside of your residence.”

“You must carry the permission if you have one from the probation office with you, which may be in electronic format, when you possess any of these items outside your residence,” the judge said, as a term of his probation.

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