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VicPD have identified the person who caused the trail of blood along Esquimalt Road.

According to VicPD, after a day-long investigation,  a person was found to be in significant medical and mental distress after officers searched for hours to discover the source of multiple pools of blood which were pointed out to patrol officers early Saturday morning. 


VicPD investigating ‘suspicious circumstance’ after blood trails found in Esquimalt

At around 8:45 a.m. on Saturday, Saturday 17th VicPD officers were called to a bus stop in the 1200-block of Esquimalt Road when a passerby discovered a large pool of blood.

The investigating officers shortly discovered a trail of blood throughout the neighbourhood. 

According to VicPD, officers were concerned that someone had suffered life-threatening injuries. 

After checking in and discovering no one had been admitted to any hospitals with injuries that matched the magnitude of the blood loss, officers from VicPD’s Forensic Identification Section (FIS) and staff with VicPD’s Community Engagement Division (CED) began an extensive search to find the person whose blood it was on Esquimalt Road. 

Members of the public in the area helped the search by directing officers to blood spots they had discovered and when they had seen them. 

Officers followed the trail of blood that extended over two kilometres through Esquimalt, Vic West and finally into downtown Victoria.

They also discovered bloodied clothing that was found along the trail further increasing their concern for the person who was injured.

An officer with the VicPD Esquimalt Division discovered a video which showed a man who had sustained an injury they appeared to disregard —as they walked through the frame a trail of blood was left behind them.

A photo pulled from that video was then circulated to other officers searching for the person who had sustained these injuries.

Minutes after the photo was sent to other officers, an officer in downtown Victoria found a man that matched that description. 

The officer approached the man and discovered that he was in severe mental and physical distress with untreated injuries connected to a medical condition that caused the bleeding. 

The person refused medical treatment so they had to be apprehended by officers under the Medical Health Act.

They were then brought to the hospital for treatment.

According to VicPD, the source of the blood appears to be due to a medical condition and no criminal activity is suspected.

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