Monday, July 22, 2024

West Shore street racers slapped with 80 violation tickets and two car impoundments


Street racers, beware. 

In early September, while a Road Safety Unit of BC Highway Patrol’s was working near Victoria, a member of the public made them aware of a large gathering of cars and motorcycles.

The citizen who reported this gathering to the CRD Integrated Road Safety Unit (CRD-IRSU) claimed that some of the vehicles were racing one another and breaking other traffic laws.

The CRD-IRSU responded to the area, where they issued 80 violation tickets and impounded two vehicles for excessive speed.

“I am a car and motorcycle enthusiast and enjoy seeing the pride people have in their vehicles,” said Acting Commander of BCHP Vancouver Island, Sgt. Adam Tallboy in a media release. 

“Sadly, a small number of the people attending these types of events engage in dangerous driving behaviour.” 

“BC Highway Patrol will continue working with our partner agencies to monitor events such as this to ensure public safety while allowing people to enjoy their passion for vehicles.”

The BC Highway Patrol urges the public to make good decisions when it comes to driving to help make our highways safer together.

Curtis Blandy

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