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Canadians rejoice: Your next GST rebate could be double the amount next month


It’s confirmed, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed that there will be a GST rebate hike that will apply to eligible Canadians as of October.

So, if you receive GST from the federal government, you’ll want to check your CRA account.

Last week, many Victorians woke up to find out their next scheduled GST payment on October 5th was nearly double the usual amount.

Trudeau was set to tell Canadians about new measures last week, however, the announcement was delayed after the death of Queen Elizabeth ll.

The federal government said the hike in GST rebate was done in a bid to ease some of the hurt of inflation for lower income Canadians.

During a speech, Trudeau said parents with two kids could receive up to an extra $467 this fall to help with the cost of living.

The next GST rebate cheque is expected to arrive on Wednesday, October 5th, and the hike is expected to be in place for the next six months.

Those who don’t receive GST are expected to receive a small amount as well, some reporting as much as $257.

  1. Log on CRA account
  2. Go to Benefits and Credits
  3. Scroll down to GST/HST Credit and your amount should be there


In addition to that announcement, Trudeau confirmed plans for a new national dental care  program for kids and topping up housing benefits to help low-income Canadians pay their rent.

According to reports, the dental care program will allow parents of children under the age of 12 to apply for a $650 payment to cover dental expenses this year and again next year while a more formalized program is developed.

While the funds for GST are already set in motion, it’s unclear when Trudeau will reschedule the official announcement.

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