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Campbell River RCMP call out multiple teenagers trying to start fights with homeless people


Campbell River RCMP took to social media this weekend to call out multiple teenagers who were trying to start fights with homeless people in the downtown core.

In a Facebook post, RCMP voiced their frustration with teenagers “seeking to incite members of the community’s homeless population.”

Police said that most of the teens involved were predominantly in pickup trucks and “highly intoxicated.”

“It truly was the saddest of situations,” said Const Maury Tyre in the Facebook post.

“A group of privileged youth taking on some of our towns least privileged and hoping to provoke a street war. In recent weeks similar events have occurred where jacked up pickups have chased and egged the homeless and thrown rocks.”

Police said the teenagers and youths were above the age of 19 years old and had travelled to the downtown core for “one reason only.”

Several of them were apprehended, and police are still investigating.

While it remains unclear why, the Facebook post has since been taken down by Campbell River RCMP.

Anyone with information related to Friday night’s incidents should call Campbell River RCMP at 250-286- 6221.

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