Police Oak Bay
(Photo by Sheenagh Morrison/Facebook)

A hit and run driver was fined after he allegedly drove into a BC Hydro pole and then fled the scene of the crash last week.

The incident occurred in the 1700-block of Foul Bay Road on September 26th.

Oak Bay Police say they received a report of a single vehicle crash and that the driver left the scene of the collision.

A witness to the incident said the driver was aware of the damage he caused to the hydro pole but still drove away.

Due to the impact of the collision, the hydro pole needed to be replaced after-hours, resulting in an estimated $55,000 bill.

Police were able to later identify the vehicle and driver, who was then issued a violation ticket for failing to remain at the scene of an accident.

In other Oak Bay traffic news, on September 29th, police were conducting speed enforcement checks on Foul Bay Road when a motorcyclist was nabbed travelling 77km/h in a posted 50km/h zone.

The motorcyclist was pulled over and while an officer spoke with the rider, they noticed an odour of alcohol and requested a breathalyzer test.

The rider blew a .058 and was issued a 24-hour driving prohibition. His motorcycle was towed and he was issued a $196 violation ticket for speeding.

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