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Series filmed at multiple locations around Victoria now on Amazon Prime


Grab the popcorn, get ready for some laughs, and see if you can spot some familiar Victoria locations.

Filming around the city for Reginald the Vampire became known to Victorians after a former automotive service centre in Saanich was transformed into an elaborate fast food eatery.

Formerly painted grey, the building, located at the corner of Glanford and Vanalman Avenues, was renovated with pastel blues and yellows and a ‘Slushy Shack’ sign out front.

It looked so funky, people were actually hoping the new joint would stick around after filming was complete.

Inspired by the Fat Vampire novels, Syfy says the comedy will star Spider-Man: No Way Home’s Jacob Batalon as Reginald Baskin, a plump vampire who’s surrounded by “beautiful, fit and vain vampires”, where Reginald is at the center of it all.

One night, when Reginald meets Maurice, the latter decides to help him get all that he desires.

However, when Reginald turns into a vampire himself, he must keep his new identity a secret from everyone around him. In the meanwhile, he goes through a number of obstacles in his life by tapping into his new abilities.

According to Creative BC—a non-profit responsible for promoting and developing BC’s creative industries—the show began filming in November 2021 and conclude in March.

Unfortunately, once production wrapped, the ‘Slushy Shack’  location was restored to its roots as developers eye a convenience store and gas bar for the corner lot.

Now back to the movie and locations you should watch out for, because there were quite a few other spots used for filming around this beautiful city, including:

  • The Duke Saloon is in the first scene
  • Restaurant scenes were filmed at the ‘Slushy Shack’, corner of Glanford and Vanalman Avenues
  • The Fairmont Empress and Esquimalt Gorge Park serve as a couple of prominent production locations
  • Some important scenes are also recorded in and around the James Bay neighbourhood and 2902 Tillicum Road, the same building where Il Greco Restaurant resides
  • Point Hope Shipyard
  • Store Street

Make sure to watch for other locations we missed and let us know in the comment section!

Reginald the Vampire gushes out new episodes every Wednesday on SYFY and Amazon Prime.

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