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Yes, good people do still exist.

Just ask Nanaimo resident Chelsea, whose last name has been withheld, after she lost her wallet containing $1,000.

With zero expectation of finding her wallet, Chelsea told Nanaimo RCMP she may have lost it in the parking lot of Walmart or on her way home Thursday evening, September 29th.

When she noticed the wallet missing, she returned to the Walmart parking lot with her roommate and scoured the area before driving back and forth along the route she had taken.

The next afternoon, a Nanoose Bay man spotted what appeared to be a wallet lying next to the barrier on Highway 19A while driving—Dan, the person who found the wallet, happened to glance out of his window while traffic was moving slowly.

Traffic was heavy at the time and he had to get his wife to an appointment, so he left it, but headed back later to check it out. He parked on the side of the road and ran across two lanes of traffic to retrieve the wallet.

Upon inspection, Dan discovered the wallet contained a lot of money, so he hopped back in his vehicle and drove to the Nanaimo RCMP detachment and turned it in.

Moments later, Chelsea was contacted and within the hour,  she was reunited with her wallet and cash.

She was given the finder’s number and has since been able to thank him.

Const. Gary O’Brien said it’s wonderful that there are people in the community “who are willing to take the time and effort to do the right thing.”

“Our hats go off to him.”

With Dan’s permission, the investigator gave Dan’s phone number to Chelsea. The two then had a private heartfelt conversation.

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