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A total of $25,000 in grant funding will be given to youth of African descent!

The funding has been made possible through the City of Victoria’s inaugural International Decade of People of African Descent (IDPAD) Youth Grant.

The four successful projects being funded by this new grant to benefit Black youth are:

  • A safe and inclusive hub for youth arts and leadership activities.
  • A community celebration to honour significant milestones of K-12 and post-secondary students of African descent.
  • A project to encourage entrepreneurial, interpersonal and artistic endeavours.
  • A series of workshops on inclusion and civic engagement.

A total of 11 project ideas were submitted to the grant jurors.

The City of Victoria said they introduced the IDPAD youth grants to empower Black youth in Victoria through leadership opportunities. 

They invited individuals of African descent, community groups and non-profit organizatons to submit their project ideas. Each could apply for up to $8,000 in funding. 

“This ground-breaking initiative is the first of its kind in BC,” said Dominique Makay, Chair of the City of Victoria IDPAD Advisory Committee.

“I am very pleased that, for the first time, youth of African descent will be directly supported by the City of Victoria in an innovative, deliberate and intentional fashion.” 

The City of Victoria IDPAD Advisory Committee were elated to be funding such innovative projects but expressed sorrow that they could not fund all the projects that were submitted. 

They expressed that they hope the seven projects that did not receive funding this year will re-apply in 2023.

“My appreciation goes to the staff of the City of Victoria under the responsible leadership of Mayor Lisa Helps for allocating the first grant to help with empowerment of the youth of the African descent,” said William Goldiet, co-chair of the City of Victoria IDPAD Advisory Committee. 

“The future rests in the hands of the young people. I thank all applicants for applying for the grant to serve youth.”

Victoria’s City Council say they adopted the International Decade for People of African Descent lasting from 2015 to 2024 and established the City’s IDPAD Advisory Committee in 2021 to help address anti-Black racism and make Victoria a more welcoming and safe city for all residents.

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