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Love ’em or hate ’em, everyone uses them.

We’re talking about emojis, of course. What better way to emote when there are no words?

When it comes to food emojis, there’s a large list to choose from, whether you’re telling others what you’re having for lunch or using them to insinuate a hidden meaning.

Chefs Plate surveyed 1,003 Canadian adults on their thoughts on food-focused emojis, and their findings concluded a few things, including which were the most popular, most used, and which emojis phone users wanted to see more of.

The top 5 food emojis Canadians use the most are:

Birthday cake 🎂
Eggplant 🍆
Pizza 🍕
Burger 🍔
Avocado 🥑

Top 5 food emojis Canadians use the least:

Dumpling 🥟
Burrito 🌯
Noodles 🍜
Sushi 🍣
Salad 🥗

Chefs Plate’s survey noted that men use less food emojis than women—in fact, almost half of men surveyed (49%) said that they never used food emojis, compared to only 35% of women.

As you can see above, the birthday cake emoji was the most frequently used food emoji of them all, with 22% of Canadians surveyed saying they use this emoji most often.

The birthday cake is most frequently used by those in the 55+ age group, while on the flip side, the eggplant emoji is most frequently used by Gen Zs—with the survey reporting 24% of 18-24 year olds claiming that this is their most used food emoji.

When it comes to specific provinces, the survey also highlighted which used food emojis most, and in order from most to least, they were:

  • Ontario
  • Quebec
  • British Columbia
  • Alberta
  • Saskatchewan

Chefs Plate’s survey results also noted that there are a few food emojis Canadians believe our phones are lacking, such as:

  • A greater variety of cheeses and pastries
  • More Indian
  • More African foods
  • Cakes with adjustable colour
  • Wider variety of potatoes – including baked, mashed, hash brown, etc.
  • Chowder
  • Poutine
  • Fajitas
  • Smoothies
  • A vegan, vegetarian, plant-based and pescetarian food emojis

What would you like see as a food emoji? Let us know!