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This new artwork in downtown Victoria will have you ‘Feeling Fuzzy Inside’


The new artwork by artist Eliska Liska is called Feeling Fuzzy Inside and it dons the west wall of the Youth Empowerment building on the 500-block of Yates Street. 

The wall it’s on is part of what’s known as Commercial Alley which is in its 10th year of showcasing local artists to add colour and vibrancy to the area.

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Every year a new artist’s work is selected to be in Commercial Alley. Previous installations have featured artwork by Other, Roy Green, Liz P. Dempsey, Daniel Ellingsen, Kai Choufour, Austin Clay Willis and Fern Long.

Liska’s art was selected for 2022-23 through a juried Call to Artists for emerging artists. 

She wants her art to invoke a feeling in young people that anything is possible–their passions can move mountains.

The art pieces portray four activities: thoughts and words, music, art and movement.

(Commercial Alley – City of Victoria)

“Creating in public spaces where art talks to the wider public and also influences the visual side of the city has always been the most appealing art form for me,” says Liska. 

“Each of the panels show different activities that have the ability to completely consume us and help us to learn who we are and where we stand, as well as simply to make us feel good.”

“Eliska’s art is a cheerful meditation on things that bring joy to young people in our community,” said Nichola Reddington, Senior Cultural Planner with the City of Victoria. 

“We invite residents and visitors alike to pop by Commercial Alley when downtown to spend a few minutes connecting with this art, that is free for all to enjoy.”

(Eliska Liska – City of Victoria)

Liska is originally from the Czech Republic but has also spent time touring Mexico and Europe, leaving murals behind as evidence of her being there. 

In addition to being a skilled canvas painter, she also practices pottery, printing, drawing, digital illustration, felting and murals. 

After completing her Master’s degree in Contemporary Art and New Media from Ostrava University in 2008, she now lives in Victoria. 

Liska also runs Full Sink Pottery, a business which produces imaginative hand-painted pottery products and works as an art designer and teacher for the McTavish Academy of Art.

Liska’s Feeling Fuzzy Inside is a part of Victoria’s many short-term public art installations.

Curtis Blandy

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