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13-year-old Victoria actress wins two awards for youth performers in Canada and Europe


This kid has got a bright future ahead of her!

Kristy Luttmann, 13, was representing Victorian youth in the 9th annual Joey Awards this week.

The awards are the most prestigious youth acting and film awards for Canada, UK and Europe and celebrates the successes of young performers in the TV and film industries. 

Luttmann managed to win two of the esteemed awards in the ceremony held at the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel and Conference Centre on November 19th.

She won for best performer in her category and for best youth filmmaker in her age group, both for the 2021 short she wrote, directed and acted in called Hey Mister.

(Chris Luttmann)

The short film was produced locally as well by a company called 29 Takes Productions, which gives local talent the opportunity to create and share films in order to gain credits and further their careers in acting, writing and directing.

The short was shot on the streets of Victoria and features Luttmann as the ‘Cookie Girl.’

“I was really happy with the first win, but I was shocked when they announced my name for the second win,” said Luttmann.

The two wins for best actress and best youth filmmaker were Luttmmann’s first awards in two years, as the Joey Awards opted to cancel their 2021 gala due to COVID-19. 

This year Luttmann and the rest of the youth honourees were happy to be able to return to in-person and celebrate each other’s successes. 

“It was really nice to see everyone happy and smiling again this year,” said Luttmann.

During her acceptance speech, young Luttmann thanked her parents and her grandmother for their support on stage at the ceremony.

In 2020, she starred in another short film called Hello?, alongside her father Chris. That role would give Luttman her first Joey Award for best young actress in her category and age group. 

“As a young actress trying to make it in this industry,” said Luttman, “I truly appreciate the recognition and all the staff at the Joeys for the opportunities it gives to kids.”

“It’s a really tough industry. You might not get all the auditions and parts that you want, but you just can’t give up. You have to keep going.” 

Luttmann’s father, Chris, told Victoria Buzz that she would be continuing on in the acting, filmmaking and modelling industry going forward.

“It’s a difficult industry, there is a lot of rejection,” Chris told Victoria Buzz.

He continued to say she would always have the support of her family in her next filmmaking ventures.

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