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Community rallies to raise funds for Victoria woman who was struck by rock in random attack


A GoFundMe page has been launched following a random attack in Fernwood early last week. 

Mary McNeill-Knowles was minding her own business when a random attacker threw a rock through her window, leaving her with significant facial injuries.

On October 25th, the rocks were thrown through the window of Mary’s Fernwood home she shares with her partner, Clay Webb.

One of the rocks came through the window of their house’s front room and hit Mary’s face, fracturing her cheekbone and orbital bone. 

The surgeries on her face were successfully conducted on October 31st.

Additionally, there was also damage done to her teeth—her incisors will need to be fixed at a later date.

Her eyeball was bruised in attack as well, but this will likely not result in permanent damage to her vision. 

A laptop was also struck by a rock in the attack. VicPD said in a statement following the attack that damage to the window and laptop alone were estimated at being greater than $5,000.

The incident is still being investigated by VicPD.


Random rock attack in Victoria leaves woman with significant facial injuries

At the time of this publication, over $18,000 has been raised by the community to aid Mary’s recovery.

The goal of the GoFundMe is set at $20,000. 

“If any funds are unneeded following a return to a more regular rhythm for Mary and Clay they will be donated to the Pacific Centre Family Services Association,” said the organizer of the fundraiser, Kevin Ehman on the GoFundMe’s page.

“[They’re] a charitable organization providing equity-based access to comprehensive, multidisciplinary, wraparound, trauma-informed health care on South Vancouver Island.”

Funds raised for Mary and Clay will go toward:

  • Missed wages
  • Rent
  • Counselling
  • Computer repair/replacement 
  • Household items (e.g. new curtains and blinds, potentially replace the couch where the assault occurred, etc.)
  • Groceries and meal prep
  • Rehab/physiotherapy
  • And other unforeseen expenses as they work through the fallout

Mary works in a non-profit that makes surfing more accessible to women and Clay is deeply involved in the cycling and running communities. 

“Both quiet and understated, they’re not the type to easily ask for help,” Ehman said to summarize his friends on the GoFundMe page. 

“Now is the time for our networks to show up for good people facing adversity with the poise we’d expect from their strong character.”

Curtis Blandy

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