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Cougar followed woman out for a run in Colwood: RCMP


West Shore RCMP have issued a warning after a cougar was on the prowl this evening.

Just before 6 p.m. on Friday, November 18th, West Shore RCMP received a 911 call from a woman saying she was in Latoria Creek Park and was being followed by a cougar.

According to police, the woman was out for a run on the stairs in the park when she got to the bottom, she noticed the cougar several meters from her.

When the woman called 911, the dispatcher told her to “stay calm, speak to the cougar in a gentle voice and to not turn her back on the cougar.”

The woman was directed to walk backwards up the stairs and to the nearest home.

“The Call Taker stayed on the phone with the woman who was very upset and worried about the situation,” said West Shore RCMP.

Police said the woman was wearing a head lamp which may have been what the cougar was attracted to given the darkness in the park.

The cougar followed the woman up the stairs and left once she was near homes.

“The Call Taker did an amazing job and obtained necessary details of the woman’s’ whereabouts immediately dispatching officers to the area,” said Saggar.

The woman was able to take shelter a residence in the 400 block of Pelican Dr in Colwood.

“We want to thank our partners in E-COMM 9-1-1 and the Call Taker for their swift guidance in getting this woman to safety as well as the homeowner who opened their door to someone in need,” Saggar added.

Police searched the area on foot, however, the cougar was not located.

BC Conservation Services and City of Colwood have are aware of the incident.

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