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Invasive species removed from Sidney and Saanich by volunteers over long weekend (PHOTOS)


The Greater Victoria Green Team (GVGT) organized a busy weekend of environmental work on the peninsula on the long weekend. 

Cuthbert Holmes Park in Saanich and Peter Grant Park in Sidney got a makeover from the GVGT and their mighty group of volunteers of all ages. 

(Greater Victoria Green Team)

On Saturday, 35 volunteers, including a group of students from Spectrum Community School banded together to clean up Cuthbert Holmes Park. Their goal and focus was to remove detrimental invasive species from the park and learn about the native species of the area.

The group managed to clear out over 10 cubic metres of English ivy, English holly and Daphne from the park. 

These three species make it difficult for local species of flora to grow and thrive in their natural habitats. In some cases, plants can go extinct or become endangered due to invasive species moving into their habitats. 

(English ivy, Daphne, English holly via Invasive Species Council of BC)
(Greater Victoria Green Team)

The students and volunteers who came to help out on Saturday also had the opportunity to go on a tour with the park’s lead steward to see some restoration work going on in the park. 

On Sunday, the GVGT had another invasive removal initiative that 12 community members of all ages and backgrounds came to assist with. 

They were able to remove 4 cubic meters to invasive English ivy from around Peter Grant Park in Sidney. 

This event marked the GVGT’s third visit to the park. In September they removed invasives and planted trees for Sidney’s tree appreciation day. 

(Greater Victoria Green Team)
(Greater Victoria Green Team)

The GVGT is an organization that runs on volunteer power and they are always looking for more green-thumbed volunteers who are interested in invasive species removal, tree planting and environmental learning.

Their goal is to connect communities with nature by introducing people to environmental stewardship and empowering them to make a real difference in their local parks.

Curtis Blandy

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