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Missing 10 years: VicPD release age-progression drawing of Emma Fillipoff


Investigators continue their search for a missing Victoria woman who mysteriously disappeared in November of 2012. 

This November 28th will mark the 10th anniversary of Emma Fillipoff’s disappearance. 

On the same day in 2012, VicPD were contacted about Fillipoff. She was acting strangely in front of the Empress Hotel on Government Street.

Police say officers located Fillipoff and spoke with her for a lengthy time. The officers ensured her well-being and let her go.

A few hours later, Emma was reported missing by her family and she has not been seen or heard from since then. 

VicPD say there has been an extensive investigation into Emma’s disappearance which is still ongoing, but investigators have been unsuccessful in figuring out what happened to Fillipoff after those officers spoke with her. 

The new drawing

Recently, VicPD contacted BC RCMP to request the aid of an officer who is a trained forensic artist. 

Age-progession drawing shows Emma Fillipoff as a 36-year-old (VicPD)

“Age-progression drawings are difficult because there are many unknown factors,” said Bowen Osoko in a media release. 

“Did the person go from being an active individual to a ‘couch potato,’ or are they now an ultra- marathon runner?”  

“For Emma specifically, we didn’t know if she may be unhoused, or if she is living a happy and healthy lifestyle in another location.”  

Due to the range of variables after 10 years have passed, it is a difficult task to accurately portray that person while aging them appropriately.

Fillipoff’s mother spoke with the artist and provided additional photos and context in order for the forensic artist to make the most accurate representation possible.


VicPD release additional photos on 9th anniversary of Emma Fillipoff disappearance (PHOTOS)

“Emma had a youthful appearance and she has a very youthful air about her,” said Osoko 

“Her energy comes through in the photos she took, which the artist was able to replicate in his image to better the odds that viewers may recognize that person and contact the police”

VicPD’s continued investigation

Police say that Fillipoff’s disappearance is still actively being investigated. 

“Hundreds of tips have been received from across the country and from across the globe, but none have proven to be confirmed sightings of Emma,” said Osoko. 

VicPD are asking for the public’s continued help in order to locate Fillipoff.

Anyone with information about Emma Fillipoff or her whereabouts, contact VicPD at (250) 995-7654.  

Information can also be anonymously given through Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477. 

Curtis Blandy

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