Ten years after Emma Fillipoff was last seen walking barefoot in Victoria, an upcoming docuseries is paying tribute to Emma’s life and the efforts made to locate her.

Barefoot in the Night: The Search for Emma Fillipoff is a six-hour documentary focusing on the timeline, tips, sightings, and witness accounts made in Emma’s disappearance.

This series chronicles Emma’s life and the events leading up to her mysterious disappearance.

(Help Find Emma Fillipoff/Facebook)

The nine-minute preview premieres today on Vimeo with an official series premiere set for the near future.

Last week, VicPD released an age-progression drawing of Emma Fillipoff with hopes to draw in new leads into the case. Today, November 28th, marks the 10th anniversary of her disappearance.

On the same day in 2012, VicPD was contacted about Emma. She was acting strangely in front of the Empress Hotel on Government Street.

Police say officers located Fillipoff and spoke with her for a lengthy time. The officers ensured her well-being and let her go.

A few hours later, Emma was reported missing by her family and she has not been seen or heard from since then. 

VicPD say there has been an extensive investigation into Emma’s disappearance which is still ongoing, but investigators have been unsuccessful in figuring out what happened after those officers spoke with her. 

Since 2015, Director and Producer, Kimberly Bordage has supported Shelly’s dedicated effort to uncover what happened to her daughter, documenting the decade-long search.

Watch the premiere here: 

You can follow Help Find Emma Fillipoff on Facebook to stay updated on the series and other news.

With files from Curtis Blandy

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