Thursday, June 13, 2024

New police unit in Saanich will focus on sexual offences of the past and present


The Saanich Police Department is launching a new investigative unit dubbed the ‘Special Investigations Unit’ (SIS).

The SIS will be primarily responsible for investigating all current and past sexual offences against people of every gender, sex and background. 

The new unit will be comprised of two sergeants and seven constables. Most of these officers and the unit’s resources will be reallocated from existing resources.

Only one new officer will join as per the Saanich Police Department’s 2022 budget.

Police say that the SIS will receive specialized, trauma-informed training to ensure sexual violence survivors are cared for and allegations are investigated properly.

“The creation of the SIS is a vital step forward that clearly demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement, service and investigative excellence, and survivor support, care, and wellbeing,” said Chief Constable Dean Duthie. 

“This highly experienced team of investigators will ensure that survivors of sexual offences are supported and kept informed throughout the entire investigative process.” 

This new unit is a collaborative product of the Saanich Police Department, the Saanich Police Board and the Saanich Municipal Council.

Curtis Blandy

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