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Pilot and passengers bodies recovered from plane crash near Port Hardy: RCMP


Three people’s bodies have been recovered from a small plane crash that occurred in Strachan Bay near Port Hardy last Wednesday.

On November 23rd, the small float plane was flying two passengers out of a logging camp on the mainland and crashed near the coast in Strachan Bay.

No bodies were accounted for following the float planes crash into the bay’s waters. 

RCMP deployed a dive team near the crash site with assistance from the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) and the Coast Guard. 

Canada’s Transportation Safety Board and the Port Hardy RCMP were conducting parallel investigations into the crash. 


Pilot and two passengers unaccounted for in plane crash near Port Hardy: RCMP

On Monday, November 28th, the Port Hardy RCMP announced that the plane along with the pilot and passengers’ bodies were located over the weekend. They were removed from the underwater wreckage and are now with the BC Cornoners’ Office. 

“Efforts to locate the plane and any potential survivors have been ongoing since the day of the crash,” said Corporal Alex Bérubé, spokesperson for the BC RCMP. 

“Working through challenging weather conditions, our divers were able to locate the bodies of the pilot and the two passengers on Saturday, November 26th.”

According to the RCMP, no criminality is suspected in their investigation.

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