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Sea lions give Vancouver Island kayaker an earful and a scare in Cowichan Bay (VIDEO)


A Vancouver Island kayaker may think twice before they get this close to a group of Steller sea lions again.

On October 30th, Victoria Buzz received a video depicting a large group of sea lions on a wharf appearing to give chase to a kayaker in Cowichan Bay.

The video shows the kayaker passing a wharf where a large number of sea lions were resting, while it  appears he didn’t get too close, the wild and unpredictable animals began plunging into the ocean as he made his way by.

Lucky for this kayaker, the sea lions looked like they gave up on the chase upon reaching where the kayak was after passing the wharf. 

Steller sea lions are considered to be top-tier carnivores and males can weigh up to 2,470 pounds.  

They are relatively harmless to humans although, given to their size they can be dangerous at close proximity. 

Despite this, back in early September, a sea lion escaped the throes of death and got away from a group of orcas by jumping into a fishing boat along the coastline between Cordova Bay to Metchosin over the long weekend.


Sea lion jumps aboard boat near Metchosin to escape the jaws of nearby orca

Curtis Blandy

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