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Yes, you read the right.

Victoria could see its second snow fall of the month, according to Environment Canada’s latest weather update.

As of this publication, the Greater Victoria area has a slight chance of snow on Sunday evening, and on Monday, Environment Canada is predicting a 60% chance of flurries.

While snow is in the forecast, temperatures will remain above freezing level. Both Sunday and Monday will see a low of 1°C.

Earlier this month, after an extremely and rare warm October, on Sunday November 6th, a light but rare snowfall began. The following day, the snow picked up throughout the day. By the evening, the entire region was blanketed in snow.

(Environment Canada)


Similar to the last snowfall, the pretty white snowflakes won’t likely stick around as temperatures hover around the 5°C mark with rain expected the following day.

So, what do you think, snow or no snowfall?

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