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These two birds that frequent downtown Victoria have been given hilarious nicknames (VIDEOS)


Victoria is a city that many birds call home. 

Jason Taylor and his partner Christa Fremont have a passion for the birds of Victoria. 

The city is host to bald eagles, red-tailed hawks, Cooper’s hawks, various owls, starlings and about one million crows. 

Lately Taylor and Fremont have been documenting these birds of Victoria on camera and giving them not only humorous names but creating whole personalities for the birds of Victoria. 

“She thought it was the right name for it because we saw it tearing apart a starling,” Taylor said as he chuckled.

“It looks like a bitey bird.”

Fremont has been posting videos with an artificial intelligence (AI) voiceover applied, which is why he opted to name it Bite-ee instead of Bitey. It’s easier for the AI to say properly.  

“We work nearby and see it hunting downtown because that’s where the starlings roost, on Government Street,” Taylor told Victoria Buzz. 

“It comes in the evening and the early morning to catch them.”

Bite-ee calls Beacon Hill Park home when he isn’t hunting starlings downtown. According to Taylor, the colouration of its feathers is one indicator of him being a red-tailed hawk as opposed to some other hawk species. 

“The tail hasn’t totally turned red so you can tell it is a juvenile,” said Taylor.

In addition to capturing Bite-ee McBite on camera, Taylor and Fremont have found other local avian celebrities to highlight.

A crow who cannot fly that frequents Fern Street is his latest highlight of the Victorian bird landscape.

Curtis Blandy

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