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This time capsule will take you on a Vancouver Island trip from Victoria to Qualicum in the 80s (VIDEO)


A video has surfaced that shows Vancouver Island in a simpler time with bigger hair and less Starbucks—the 80s.

In this video you can see a snapshot of several municipalities along the Trans-Canada Highway from Victoria to Qualicum and everything in between. 

The video starts out in what would become the West Shore. Six Mile Pub can be seen looking similarly to how it still looks now, only with less around it. 

The time capsule then takes you along the Malahat to a totem pole and Wippletree Junction. A place that also hasn’t changed that much since the 80s. 

A sign can be seen in the video saying the population back then was 14. 

According to a picture of that very same sign taken in 2018, the population remains the same. 

Next, the viewer is taken through Chemainus to view several of the murals that are still there today.

On to Parksville, the Kalvas Loghouse remains there, although with different signage and an updated decor. Also, in the 80s the epic Paradise mini golf course did not yet exist across the street from Kalvas. 

After a trip through some restaurants of days past, Parksville’s Park Theatre can be seen in a state of closure. The single screen cinema opened back in 1952. It was then open intermittently through the years until 1992, when it was demolished. 

Various parks and beaches can be seen in the video until the viewer is taken back to the streets of Victoria. 

The face of St. Andrews Presbyterian can be seen next on Courtney Street. The church would have received heritage building status in 1979, just before this video was taken.

Toward the end of the video the old Classic Car Museum can be seen sporting several vintage cars out in front. 

Check out the footage below:

Curtis Blandy

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